About the College

The College was founded in 2016, as Australian Capital College.  In 2020, the College’s name was refined to Capital College, coinciding with the announcement of our Gold Coast campus.

The College is an Australian Government approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO 41593) and is on the Australian Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS 03537J). This means that the College is closely supervised by Government to ensure the highest standards are maintained and students are provided rewarding, positive learning experiences at one of the leading colleges in Australia for international students.

The College is an innovative and multicultural institution, offering a supportive environment that provides many opportunities for academic achievement, including potential pathways to further study in some cases.

With students from 0ver 35 nationalities, we are very proud of our well-educated and diverse student body, that provides outstanding opportunities for developing truly global networks.

All College educational staff have real world experience coupled with formal training and subject matter qualifications. All meet or exceed strict Government standards and bring considerable skill and knowledge to enrich the student learning experience.

International students studying with the College are fully protected by the Australian Government Tuition Protection Service (TPS) which ensures that international students are able to either complete their studies in another course or with another education provider or receive a refund of their unspent tuition fees if the College is ever unable to fully deliver the student’s course of study.

Students have a range of counselling and support services available, including from our partner organisation Life Supports. Life Supports offer a professional and confidential service to students which aim to provide support across a very wide range of different areas. Accessing a counselling service can provide an opportunity to better understand your situation and explore the possibilities for bringing about positive change.


What our students are saying about Capital College

% of our students

developed the skills they expected to in our courses

% of our students

felt our courses prepared them for work

% of our students

said our courses had a good mix of theory and practice

% of our students

said the content in our courses focused on relevant skills

% of our students

felt our staff respected their background and needs

(Data based on 2020 student surveys)