Coronavirus Policy

Since the coronavirus outbreak in early 2020, Capital College has kept staff, students, and education agents informed about our policy of socially distanced classroom training vs. online training on a regular basis. We are fortunate that our campuses are located in Canberra and the Gold Coast, two regional locations that were among the first to reach zero infections and see student jobs rebound. However, out of an abundance of caution, we are continuing to teach using Distance Learning techniques with online classes taught during school hours, evenings, and weekends. Given the large size of our classrooms, we intend to start returning to a face-to-face training model by practicing social distancing measures as recommended by the Government.

Keeping Safe

Some immediate actions to protect the community, fellow workers, and other students:

  • Disinfectant keyboard wipes and hand sanitisers placed in high-traffic areas around campus.
  • Visible notices about good hand hygiene in all public areas and bathrooms.
  • Review of waste disposal and office cleaning practices.
  • Instructions to student-facing services on how to support students.
  • Instructions to managers on how to support staff.

Contact your doctor if you experience any Covid-19 symptoms, get tested, and/or self-isolate for 14 days.


For additional current Coronavirus, information see the links below

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Department of Education, Skills and Employment website updated regularly.

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