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You want to study in Australia. But the border stays closed, and frankly, the prospect of studying online isn’t appealing. You want the adventure of change! We hear you.

The first thing to consider is if other countries are a better destination for you. They might be. We understand that for many students around the world, taking control and feeling a sense of progress can be as important as the qualification and destination. But we urge every student to look before you leap, do your research and exercise patience before committing elsewhere.

Australia’s track record for health, safety and prosperity is worth applying some ‘lateral thinking’ for.


If you can’t start studying in Australia due to visa or travel delays, jump on the #QualBanking trend: get a head-start by commencing your studies online at home. The Australian Qualifications Framework is modular and uniquely suited to ‘banking’ qualifications that earn recognition and credit no matter where you start and complete them


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"Absolutely plan to study in Australia. If our borders are open, come right away. Nowhere has a healthier lifestyle or better education. If our borders are closed, bank education credits by studying online, and build your credentials for the future."

Nic Read

Nic Read- CEO

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