Diploma of Information Technology
ICT50118 / CRICOS Code 0100457




Offered at our Canberra campus


Our Diploma of Information Technology (ICT50118) is for students who recognise the advantages of being a technical specialist in a world where every business relies on IT for communication, documentation, strategy, security and productivity.

Our Diploma of Information Technology will equip you with a foundation of knowledge and skills to deliver better systems, networks, information management and results in this rapidly evolving field. From the fundamentals of programming, data science, digital media, and eLearning through to network security, hardware and software development, this program provides a practical cross-section.

Given how pervasive information and security have become in an increasingly cloud-based, on-demand, AI-enabled world, this knowledge is considered by many as essential for all roles in the enterprise, not just for careers in IT. A blend of lectures, simulations, hands on activities (and even the duration of this diploma) are designed to create an immersive experience through which discussion of varied strategic, technical and organisational considerations can drive many ‘light bulb moments’.

Our faculty are knowledgeable, experienced IT practitioners who are highly respected in the industry. Under their guidance you’ll learn, rehearse and apply information technology skills that prepare you for real world opportunities.





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