Policies and procedures

Academic Misconduct Policy
Academic Support Policy
Complaints and Appeals Policy
Critical Incident Policy
Fees and Refund Policy (see also Student Handbooks)
Student (Valid Visa Holder) Handbook – Canberra
Student (Valid Visa Holder) Handbook – Gold Coast
Privacy Policy
Progress and Attendance Policy
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and
Credit Transfer (CT)

Student Welfare Handbook – Canberra
Student Welfare Handbook – Gold Coast
Tuition Protection Service


Change of Agent Form
Complaints and Appeals Form
Refund Application Form
Student Change of Details From


What our students are saying about Capital College

% of our students

found the training to be flexible to fit their needs

% of our students

felt that expectations were clear regarding our coursework

% of our students

felt there was a range of services to support learners

% of our students

would recommend Capital College to others

% of our students

felt our staff respected their background and needs

(Based on 2020 student surveys)