What if I can't travel to Australia right now?

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is respected globally as one of the best-integrated approaches to education. It encourages lifelong learning and the ongoing attainment of credentials, from academic qualifications to on-the-job vocational development.

Why this matters to you is that when you study a whole course, or even a module or micro-credential, you start building a bank of qualifications in Australia—even if you study online. Every school, college, university, and workplace recognises and gives credit for AQF credentials. So even if you can’t travel to live in Australia right now, you can still build credits to achieve The Australian Dream.

We call this #QualBanking.

Why #QualBanking?

  • QualBanking can improve your credentials when applying for a student visa.
  • QualBanking builds credit towards different certificates, diplomas and degree qualifications.
  • QualBanking helps you stand out to employers in Australia and around the world.

Your migration agent can tell you how QualBanking counts towards migration points.


#QualBanking at Capital College

You no longer need to think that flying to another country is the event that signals your education and migration pathway has really started. That’s the old way. The new way is you don’t need to leave home. You don’t need to incur the cost of international relocation. You don’t need to start living in a more expensive country or cap the number of hours you can work each week.

Instead, join our live online classes with a real teacher and other students (or learn on your own schedule by watching the videos we take of these sessions). Build your credentials. Stay and work at home. Save your money. Get the education and migration benefits of an Australian qualification without all the associated costs. Maybe you’ll complete an entire qualification online. Maybe you’ll do more. When borders open again and it makes sense to apply for a student visa to travel here, all your hard work may bank in your favour.


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