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Ability to Recruit

We’re a stable and efficient college, in one of Australia’s most popular regional locations, offering qualifications that are not only in-demand on occupations lists, but are forecast for significant employment growth. None of this is by chance. We have designed the College to be every education agent’s crown jewel: a story that sells itself.

We are focused on supporting students and delivering high quality educational programmes.

In return we like to work with agents who know how to sell our value instead of asking for discounts or special deals; who are able to source students far and wide, onshore and offshore, and fill our enrolment pipeline with a high volume who are excited to learn and work in the fields we train them for. We reward such agents.

Market Insight

A good education agent sees, hears, and feels the pulse of student sentiment, and will regularly help the College stay up to date with information on how changes to occupations lists and visa rules change which training courses are popular from time to time, and will give advice about the competitive dynamic in the market. Our agents talk to us regularly.

Their market insights help us be a better College. We value this from all our agents.

Culture of Support

We choose education agents with big hearts, who place students at the centre of everything they do. We see this in how often they check in on their students, share tips about food, jobs and accommodation, or come visit our campus to see how the students they enrolled are doing in their studies. We see it in how they celebrate students’ successes on social media. We see it in how engaged they are with our support teams and managers: not strangers, they are true partners.

Ethical Standards

Integrity is how you act when nobody is watching. It’s shown in how you honour the terms of a contract, keep your word, and speak the truth. We value agents and partners who are ethical at the top levels of their company and ensure that the same culture permeates to every member of their team. This assures students that no matter who they deal with in your business, it will be a consistent experience. They’ll never be taken advantage of. They’ll always be recommended the training course and provider that best suits their needs, and not because one earns a better commission than another.

Ethical agents also expect high standards from their education providers. Hello there, it’s sure nice to meet a kindred spirit!

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