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In 1911 the Australian Government launched an international competition to find a design for the new national capital it planned to build. 137 designs were received from all over the world. The winning entry was from American architect Walter and Marion Burley Griffin. They centered the city around a huge man-made lake and planned a series of separate but linked towns established in the surrounding valleys and hills. The design of long avenues and circular connecting roads is simple to get around.

The name Canberra is believed to be an Aboriginal word meaning “meeting place”. On 12 March 1913 Lady Denman, the wife of the Governor-General, mounted a platform at a ceremony to name the city, and declared: “I name the capital of Australia: Canberra – the accent is on the Can”. We still believe that whatever your goal as an international student, “you can in Canberra”.

Lake Burley Griffin

More About Canberra

Canberra, the national capital of Australia (designated a Regional Location) is central to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Australia’s federal government. Big things happen here: in politics, science, research, education, business, and the arts – creating the potential for exciting careers and opportunities. Canberra has the power to surprise people with great food, art, and culture, free street wifi, e-bikes and e-scooters, and a warm welcome to students, all surrounded by open space, fresh air, and kangaroos grazing on sports fields in the early morning dawn. Canberra has been ranked as the world’s most liveable city and region, one of the world’s top 20 Student Cities, and 3rd Best in Travel. It offers an incomparable quality of life, built on the collective spirit and potential of Australia’s people – and we welcome everyone. Around 25% of our population were born overseas, which is a fact reflected in the diverse choice of cuisines at restaurants and cafés throughout the city and its suburbs. Canberra offers Australia’s highest quality of life for income, jobs, health, access to services, environment, education, safety, civic engagement, and housing.

The Location

Canberra is Australia’s capital city. It is situated at an elevation of 1,869 feet above sea level.
Canberra is an inland city where you are spoilt for choice with your experiences- you can reach the beach for the sea or the mountains for the snow resorts in just a couple of hours' drive. You can enjoy the traditional ‘four seasons’ experience.
Temps: Winter -1ºC. Summer 27ºC. Av. 19.7ºC.
Canberra has an international airport that you can fly into directly. 

Study in Canberra

The People

Canberra's population of 427,000 is youthful (almost 50% of our people are under 35 years old), multicultural (around 32% of our people are born overseas) and Australia’s most highly educated city with 37% of the population holding a Bachelors degree or higher.


Canberra has one of the best-educated workforces and the lowest unemployment rates in Australia. There are many employment opportunities that are well suited to students. Canberra is expected to have 242,300 jobs by 2024 (6% growth) including;

  • management & administration (18% growth),
  • health, aged, disability care (13% growth),
  • construction & building jobs (9% growth),
  • childcare & other education (8% growth),
  • food services & hotel work (4% growth)

with lots of student jobs in sectors that support Government and commerce.

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There are many housing options for international students in Canberra.
Our campus is located very close to the light rail tram, providing easy access to more affordable housing in the northern suburbs, where many students live.
Average weekly living costs are approximately

  • $250 rent,
  • $100 food,
  • $25 travel and
  • $125 other.

Average living costs in Canberra can be up to 14% less expensive than in Sydney or Melbourne. Lots of housing options including city, mountain or lakeside apartments. 

The Lifestyle

Canberra has great shopping, an incredible array of dining choices to cater to every taste and budget. There’s always something cool happening in Canberra! We have been voted #1 Best Place to Live in Australia and are regarded as one of the safest cities in the world.
At the base of the Alpine National Park and on Lake Burley-Griffin offering climbing, hiking, sailing, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, mountains, lakes, culture, and wildlife. There are many free attractions in Canberra year-round.

Student City

Over the past five years, Canberra’s international education has increased by 117%, as more and more international students choose to study here. Over 30% of our population are studying at university or further education (about 20,000 students). We are multicultural, young, have excellent housing and employment and are Australia’s most educated city. Canberra is home to Australia’s #1 university, the Australian National University (ANU).

Skiing Canberra

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