If you hold a current Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (or equivalent and higher); are passionate about teaching international students; have experience lecturing for a university or RTO; are technology-literate; have career experience in leadership, management, healthcare, aged care, disability care, mental health, welfare, community services, hospitality management, information and communications technology, computer hardware and software, cybersecurity, blockchain, artificial intelligence, data analytics or IoT; and are available to train and assess student work online in Australia, internationally or face-to-face where we operate a campus; then we’d like to hear from you. We are constantly building our faculty and pool of training talent. Send a CV and Cover Letter marked “Trainer Candidate” to [email protected].

Do you have a rich portfolio of work producing print or digital magazines? Are you a rare talent that can ‘do it all’ from conceptual design and layout to photography, video, copywriting, and editing in English to a high professional standard? Would you like to contribute to the regular release and maintenance of a college magazine, student materials, brochures, blogs, and social media posts? If this sounds like you, and you are proficient in using industry-standard tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Premiere Pro, After Effects or Spark; Apple Pages or Keynote; Microsoft PowerPoint; we are building our print and digital communications team for full-time, part-time or gig-based roles. Send a CV and Cover Letter marked “Print & Digital” to [email protected].

Are you experienced in the creation, management, and deployment of engaging online e-Learning solutions, including copy, image, animation, video, quizlets and tests, surveys, and assessments? Can you manage all or part of the production pipeline from learning pedagogy, instructional design, storyboarding, screen layout and flow, copywriting, still & video capture and editing, 2D/3D animation, text-to-voice or artist-recorded voiceover, compilation, and set up in a learning delivery system for enrolment, delivery, tracking and analytics (designed and managed inhouse or on a commercial alternative like Adobe Captivate, Canvas Studio, Velg or SAP Litmos)? We are building our part-time and gig-based roles in these areas and are interested in talking to the right individuals (note: offshore app development and web design businesses need not apply and will be rejected as spam). If you’re a qualified candidate, send your CV and Cover Letter marked “eLearning Designer” to [email protected].

Do you have experience developing apps for colleges and universities? Capital College is exploring the creation and deployment of a smartphone app to aid student productivity using principles of gamification. The app should help our faculty and admin team update a central calendar and bulletin function that will populate the app with data to feed to the student version of the app. Help students set goals, feel the buzz of satisfaction, and keep on top of their class timetables, key dates, assessment deadlines, and visa renewal dates in real-time, linked to text and email alerts. Help them plan better study habits and manage personal to-do lists in the style of MyClassSchedule, Habitica, Forest, or FocusKeeper. Help students collaborate in classroom exercises in the style of Miro or iBrainstorm. Help students and others share tips on local free food, restaurant ratings, accommodation offers, or recipes in the style of LocalEats, Cookpad or Nestpick. Help students’ families see their progress and be engaged with their education, in the style of TalkingPoints or ParentSquare. We are opening part-time and gig-based roles to develop an app that serves all these goals as native functionality or serves as a single point of aggregation from third-party apps that perform these functions. We are interested in talking to the right technology-minded individuals (note: offshore app development and web design businesses need not apply and will be rejected as spam). Qualified candidates should get on our radar by sending your CV and Cover Letter marked “Mobile Apps” to [email protected].

The Australian Government and its agencies invest in their personnel and other constituents from time to time by launching initiatives focused on training design and skills development in the areas of leadership, technology, health, and other competencies. The College receives regular Invitations to Tender as a potential education partner, however, we typically focus so intently on providing education to international students in Australia, that we don’t respond to these opportunities. However, we have all the infrastructure, content, and processes to do so. As a major college in the nation’s capital, we feel it’s time to step into this arena. If you have a demonstrable background and successful track record in responding to and winning Government training tenders, with friends in the right places, we may be prepared to place the full capability of the College’s resources behind you in a freelance, commission-based relationship. If you can talk the talk, we’re more than capable of walking the walk. Send your Cover Letter marked “Tender Manager” and CV to [email protected].

Capital College has earned a reputation as Australia’s favourite Business and IT college for international students. Our focus has been wholly on training those who have come to study in Australia from other countries. During the nation’s response to Covid and education’s leap to social distancing and online delivery, we spent time developing a robust online capability. We are now doubling down even further to take our material quality and delivery to Australia’s highest standard. This has prompted questions from interested parties about whether Capital College will enter the domestic VET training space to offer whole courses, standalone modules, and micro-credentials in our key subject areas. So we’re pondering it. That’s where you might come in. If you have experience launching and running an education practice or business in Australia’s VET space, including matching the curriculum to careers in demand, plus set-up for funding subsidies, apprenticeships, and traineeships, we may have an opportunity for you. Send your Cover Letter marked “Domestic VET” and CV to [email protected].

We are now considering requests from qualified parties to be appointed as Capital College’s official marketing agent in selected countries. You must already have a team and offices in place and have a historical track record as brilliant marketers to students wishing to study overseas. Experience promoting Australian universities and colleges is essential, as is a strong command of written and spoken English. With coronavirus outbreaks being a game-changer for international travel and education, it is important that you present a positive, upbeat attitude to students commencing their studies online until borders re-open. We provide long, multi-year pathways (from English Language through to vocational diplomas and Bachelor’s degrees with our partners in Higher Education). We will continue to release appealing training pathways to give you a ‘hot product’ to sell. Your role is to show students the Australian Dream is not out of reach, and enrol them. You should be capable of starting a minimum of 300 students with us per year. Only after 180 students commence will territorial exclusivity be discussed. If you have the right team and experience to represent one of Australia’s top-rated international Business, Technology, and Health colleges, we should talk. Send an Introductory Letter and overview of your business, marked “International Markets”, to [email protected].

If you operate a school outside Australia for English training, Year 12 students, or adult vocational education, and would like to deliver an Australian certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, and graduate diplomas in your own country, we should talk. Capital College is establishing a network of high-quality training partners to operate under our brand. We offer these courses as an Australian Government-accredited provider of qualifications under the Australian Qualification Framework. The AQF has a global reputation for integrity and quality. Governments and employers worldwide recognise that students with an AQF qualification have completed a rigorous, world-class course of study that teaches appropriate knowledge, skills, and competency for the graduate to become job-ready. AQFs serve as a modular educational credit points system. Australian education providers recognise these credits in a kind of ‘currency exchange’, where students can use credits from one school to receive recognition for prior learning with another school. This helps them ‘stack’ credentials towards higher qualifications and better career prospects. It’s no surprise that Australia has 13 schools in the global top 200, 7 in the top 100, and ranks fourth in the world after the US, UK, and Germany - although per head of population Australian education ranks in second place. (Source: “Ranking in ARTU Top 200, 2020”). If you believe students in your country want to stand out in the job market with an international qualification, and if you are confident you have the ability to build demand and professionally operate schools in cities across your country, we should have a discussion. Because successful applicants will be representing Capital College’s brand as well as the AQF, you must be prepared to demonstrate nothing less than outstanding quality in all that you do. This includes local government accreditation, healthy financials, strong ethics, the training credentials of your faculty, operational processes, quality of student services, and marketing. Capital College will track quality control and manage the assessment and awarding of qualifications from Australia, with the same expectation for student competency and marks as are applied to students undertaking their studies here. Send an Introductory Letter and overview of your training business, marked “International School”, to [email protected].

Sometimes we are asked if we can open an internship for students who require work experience in a relevant field to satisfy their education and migration goals. Sometimes students approach us directly for an unpaid internship or part-time paid work. It’s not unusual for great talent to be recognised and hired full-time after showing us what they’re capable of. Here are some skills that are always of interest to us: videographer, photographer, social media designer, blogger, vlogger, podcaster, webinar organiser, magazine and brochure designer, 2D/3D artist or animator, relief receptionist, telemarketer/call centre, general administration, mobile app developer. If your pre-student life gave you experience in these fields, or if you’re presently studying them and want to gain experience, why not get in touch to see if we have a role for you in our Canberra or Gold Coast campus? Send your Cover Letter marked “Intern” and CV to [email protected].

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