Support Classes

At Capital College, providing the best learning support to our students is central to everything we do. We understand that every individual has a different learning style and all our admin, support and teaching staff respect the fact that at times in addition to the regular classes some students may benefit from additional support and guidance.

Every week our trainers conduct face to face flex classes where any student can attend and address their study issues. These classes provide an opportunity for the trainer to give step by step guidance to students on study matters such as assessments while helping students to gain confidence for planning their study and staying on track to meet course requirements.

In current Coronavirus conditions, these classes are conducted with precautions in place to protect staff and students health and wellbeing. These measures include a system where students can book a time slot, a requirement for participating students to complete a Coronavirus self-declaration, temperature checks for staff and students before entering the campus and staff and students wearing masks at all times during a class.

Students have repeatedly given very positive feedback about the value of this programme and see it as one of the many aspects of studying at the College that make the Capital College experience so special for international students.

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